توانمندی روانشناختی ...

Planning for the development of human resources and the design of empowerment plans of human
resources is one of the main solutions to reach sustainable development and globalization that the managers
of human resources have important role in it. There are some factors related to empowerment of the staffs
and these factors surely lead into the development of the organization. The aim of the current study is to
investigate the association between organizational factors and psychological empowerment of the

فرهنگ یادگیری سازمانی و جو خلاقانه

Organizational learning culture is under constant construction, moving along an infinite continuum towards
a harmonious learning environment. It is organizational phenomena that support the acquisition of
information, the distribution and sharing of learning, and that to reinforce and support continuous learning
and its application to organizational improvement. Studies show that to create a creative climate within
organizations is a good tool to facilitate organizational learning culture. The creative climate encourages

درگیری شغلی و مدیریت استعداد

Talent management is a relatively new area for both public and private sector organizations. Talent
management refers to the process by which the organization identifies employees who are capable to play
leadership role in future. Studies show that talent management has positive outcomes. One of them is to
promote job involvement among employees. Job involvement led to theoretical attentions among
researchers in the area of organizational behavior. Job involvement is a belief descriptive of the present job

خودپنداره مثبت عامل کاهش تردید مسیرشغلی

The study of career indecision has long been a focal point in the career development literature. Career
indecision can be described as a developmental phase through which individuals may pass on their way to
reaching a decision. Positive self-concept is a vital factor to overcome career indecision. Self-concept is a
person’s way of perceiving himself and may be either positive or negative. Whether a person develops a
positive or negative self-concept depends on how he is treated and how he perceives such treatment.

نقشه استراتژی و ....

The present study examines key strategy strategy map in the correct version.
Vision and strategy objectives in the context of a road map to be drawn. A
strategy map is organized in parallel with strategic implications, this enables the
organization to value creation processes in the short term, medium term and
long term co-management. Map strategy with clear and comprehensive strategy
to double the capacity of managers to implement the strategy. Strategy map

نقش حمایت سازمانی ادراک شده در رفتار کارآفرینانه

Organizations that do not keep pace with the comprehensivechanges are quickly outdated, so organizations have abandoned his classical mindset followed by a set of knowledge, skills, culture and strategies that will help them succeed in the future. Organizations can, in the course of development, moving quickly forward that by creating platforms for its human resources, equip to generator entrepreneurial knowledge and skills and help to them with these valuable capabilities, guidance other resources towards creating value and achieving the growth and development of management.

رفتار سیاسی و پیامدهای سیاست سازمانی ادراک شده

Having manpower in addition to tasks assigned in accordance with the job description to voluntarily take steps to increase the performance and is the spiritual of any organization. In this regard, political activity, there are inherent in all transactions, therefore, as one of the component organizations has attracted the attention of management researcher.

رابطه منبع کنترل و باورهای خودکارآمدی....

Abstract— The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between locus of control (internal - external) and the self-efficacy beliefs of Yazd University of medical science. The research population consisted of the Yazd Central University of Medical Sciences staff 534 people using Cochran formula the sample size was 220 people. Instrument was two questionnaires self-control and self-efficacy and the validity of the questionnaires was 0.82, 0.87, and reliability 0.8260 and 0.880 respectively obtained.

نقش تعدیل گر بلوغ روانی در رابطه بین سکون زدگی شغلی و فرسودگی....

Abstract— Career burnout is a painful experience for individuals and for organizations is a costly phenomenon. Plateau is a key factor for increasing this problem and mental maturity could reduce to some extent the relationship between the two variables. Hence, the aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between career plateau and burnout due to the moderating role of nurse’s psychological maturity in Arjomand and Razieh-Firoz hospitals in 2014. In this study, correlational and cross-sectional method is used.

مدیریت ارتباط با مشتری و سواد اطلاعاتی با عملکرد شغلی

The present study examined the relationship between customer relationship management
and information literacy with job performance of Tejarat bank branches in 2015 in
Kerman. The population consisted of all employees in Kerman Tejarat Bank branches,
the number of 34 branches and 167 staff, which using Cochran formula 118 people were
chosen as sample. Three questionnaires were used in this study. Questionnaire of
customer relationship management with the validity 0.827 and reliability 0.961 and

فرهنگ یادگیری سازمانی بر کیفیت خدمات

Learning is a relatively permanent change in behavior and learning potential, provided that
such changes occur on getting experience. Organizational learning occurs when information
is collected In order to produce and develop new facts, analysis and created a new vision and
make it through communication, education, dialogue and interaction with all levels of the
organization to move and the spread of information, communication, knowledge and quality

نقش تعدیل گر سرمایه فکری بر قابلیت های ارتباطی و اعتماد

The aim of this study was to examine the mediating role of intellectual capital in the
relationship between communication capabilities and confidence of employees at Islamic
Azad University of Kerman province. The population of the study consisted of all the
personnel of Islamic Azad University of Kerman, the number is 1135. To determine the sample
size of the sample, 287 were selected. Three questionnaires were used to collect information:
connectivity by 92 hundredths and 92 hundredths of reliability, confidence, individual

بدگمانی سازمانی تقویت کننده تعارض سازمانی

Suspicion is one of the dangerous ethical diseases. Those who mistrust dust covered their heart mirror will not see others beautiful and will remain weak in understanding the facts. Suspicion refers to organizational change, in the sense of pessimism about the success of efforts to change. In fact, the outcome of suspicion not only decline social capital in organizations and society but also reduces participation in organizational activities. This phenomenon of reduced performance and organizational effectiveness in strengthening suspicions provides a positive feedback.

نقش اعتماد فردی در مهارت های اجتماعی و نیاز به کسب موفقیت

Employees who are motivated by success, enjoy challenging objectives, have good practice and perseverance and competitive spirit is evident in their business activities. Social skills needed to achieve success factor that can increase trust in people, can exacerbate this relation. Hence, the aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between nurses social skills and need for achievement, according to a moderating role of personal trust in Arjomand and Razieh-Firoz hospitals in 2014. In this study, correlational and cross-sectional method was used.

رابطه بین عدالت سازمانی و سکوت کارکنان دانشگاه علوم پزشکی کرمان

زمینه و هدف: سکوت کارکنان امری شایع در بین کارکنان سازمان هاست که کمتر مورد توجه قرار گرفته است.
کارکنان نسبت به کار، سرپرستان، کیفیت کار وسازمان خود بی تفاوتند. عدالت سازمانی عاملی برای کاهش
سکوت کارکنان است. از این رو، هدف این پژوهش تعیین رابطه بین عدالت سازمانی و سکوت کارکنان
واحدهای ستادی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی کرمان می باشد.
روش بررسی: این تحقیق، به صورت توصیفی- همبستگی و به صورت مقطعی انجام شد. جامعه آماری کلیه
کارکنان واحدهای ستادی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی کرمان به تعداد 400 نفر، و حجم نمونه با استفاده از فرمول

بررسی ساختارهای پیچیده

برای مشاهده مقاله روی لینک زیر کلیک نمایید.

تأثیر فرهنگ بر عملکرد سازمانها

برای مشاهده مقاله روی لینک زیر کلیک نمایید.

استراتژی منابع انسانی

برای مشاهده مقاله روی لینک زیر کلیک نمایید.

سیر تحول تئوریهای مدیریت منابع انسانی

برای مشاهده مقاله روی لینک زیر کلیک نمایید.

جزوه درس اصول سرپرستي

ما در جامعـــه پيچيده اي از سازمانها زندگي مي كنيم، زندگي ما، به مديريت مؤثر شركتهاي تجاري، دانشگاهها و دانشكده ها و نهادهاي دولتي و انواع ديگر سازمانها بستگي دارد. تعاريف متعددي از سازمان صورت گرفته است در يك تعريف،‌ سازمان به گروهي از انسان اطلاق مي شود كه از افراد متخصص تشكيل يافته و آنها در حول وظيفه و مسئوليتي مشترك، دوش به دوش يكديگر كار مي كنند.
سازمانها در اطراف ما هستند و زندگي ما را به شيوه هاي متعددي شكل مي دهند. آنها منابع را براي رسيدن به اهداف و ستاده هاي مطلوب با هم تركيب مي كنند و مصرف مي نمايند و كالاها و خدمات را بطور كارا توليد كرده نوآوري را تسهيل مي نمايند.